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Dr.Yogesh Chavan, MD (Ayu.)Kerala.

Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda Keraliya Panchakarma Clinic Nashik
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Health Benefits of Triphala
Triphala is powdered blend of 3 dried herbs –
Amalaki (gooseberry), Haritaki & Vibhitaki
1. Digestion- Triphala stimulates gastric enzymes and helps food digestion, absorption. it also stimulates peristaltic movements.
2. Colon cleanses – Detoxif...

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
- Dr.Yogesh Chavan,MD(Ayu.)Kerala

• 10 g (about 0.3 oz) of fresh curd blended with 100 ml (3.3 fluid oz) of water can be taken during or right after lunch. (you can also season this buttermilk with carminative spices)
• 5 curry leaves w...

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National Ayurveda Day.
Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda Nashik wishes you all a very Happy and Healthy National Ayurveda Day.
The National Ayurveda Day is celebrated every year on the occasion of Dhanwantari Jayanti (Dhanteras). This year Ayurveda Day is being observed on 25th Octob...

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Spinal Care Ayurvedic treatment in Nashik
Spine diseases and joint diseases is one of the most commonly heard problems from people in today’s day and age. And reason is our affection towards different gadgets.
Mobiles, PC and Tabs often make us position ourselves in uncomfortably while looking a...

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7 Effective Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair Growth
ayurvedic treatment for hairfall in nashik
1. Choose any one of the important oils like coconut oil, almond oil, or brahmi oil, and give your scalp a good hot oil massage. A massage is good for improving the circulation of...

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विरेचन- (Pitta Detox - Medicated Purgation)
शरद ऋतुमधे प्रकुपित झालेला पित्त दोष शरीराबाहेर काढण्यासाठी सर्वात उत्तम पंचकर्म म्हणजे विरेचन होय. यालाच हल्ली Liver detox किंवा colon detox असे देखिल म्हटले जाते कारण विरेचनामुळे यकृत व आतड्यांमधील सर्व Toxins / दोष हे शरेराबाहेर ...

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PCOS / PCOD means Poly cystic ovarian Syndrome/ Disease in which woman’s ovaries or some time adrenal glands starts to produce more secretion of androgen hormones. These Hormones interfere in many systematic activities but mainly in maturation and release of Egg from ovaries during menstrual cycl...

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Ayurveda has become the most developing profession in India. It is the science of healing art has many components including diet, yoga, season etc. Ayurvedic medicines are just a part of this whole regime. In present days their role has been exaggerated by companies manufacturing Ayurvedic medic...

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7 Effective Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair Growth
Visit Clinic for <a href=>Ayurvedic treatment for Hair loss in Nashik</a>
1.Choose any one of the important oils like coconut oil, almond oil, or brahmi oil & give your scalp a good hot oil massage. A massage is good for...

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Panchakarma in Nashik

  • Vaman

    Vaman वमन ( Medicated Emesis ) for Body purification especially to get rid of kapha dosha. When there is congestion in the lungs causing repeated attacks of bronchitis, colds, cough or asthma, the Ayurvedic treatment is therapeutic vomiting -vamana, to eliminate the kapha causing the excess mucus. Therapeutic vomiting is also indicated in chronic asthma, diabetes, chronic cold, lymphatic congestion, chronic indigestion and edema. Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda is best ayurveda clinic to offer effective Vamana in Nashik (Medicated Emesis)
  • Virechana

    Virechana - medicated purgation (body detoxification) to get rid of pitta dosha. When excess bile, pitta, is secreted and accumulated in the gall bladder, liver and small intestine, it tends to result in rashes, skin inflammation, acne, chronic attacks of fever, biliary vomiting, nausea and jaundice. Purgatives help relieve the excess pitta causing the bile disturbance in the body. In fact, purgatives can completely cure the problem of excess pitta. Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda is best ayurveda clinic in nashik to get Virechana treatment done.
  • Basti (Vasthi)

    Basti (बस्ती) - Medicated ayurvedic enema for vitiated Vata dosha & vata disorders. If we can control vata through the use of basti, we have gone a long way in going to the root cause of the vast majority of diseases. Vata is the main etiological (causal) factor in the manifestation of diseases. The mucus membrane of the colon is related to the outer covering of the bones (periosteum), which nourishes the bones. Therefore, any medication given rectally goes into the deeper tissues, like bones, and corrects vata disorders. Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda is best ayurvedic clinic for Basti treatment in Nashik
  • Nasya

    Nasya (नस्य) is instillation of oil drops in nostrils for removal of vitiated kapha dosha from head region. The nose is the doorway to the brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medication is called nasya. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by means of the nearest possible opening, the nose. Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda clinic is best ayurveda clinic to do Nasya treatment in Nashik.
  • Raktamokshana

    Extracting a small amount of blood from a vein relieves the tension created by the pitta-genic toxins in the blood. Leeches have been used as an alternative to bloodletting. Bloodletting also stimulates the spleen to produce anti-toxic substances that help to stimulate the immune system. Toxins are neutralized, enabling radical cures in many blood-borne disorders. Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda offers best Raktamokshana treatment in Nashik

Shirodhara Treatment in Nashik

  • Shirodhara

    Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy of pouring oil on the forehead from a specific height and for a specific period; continuously and in a rhythm with allowing the oil to run through the scalp and into the hair. It is one of the important and globally recognized as a stress relieving procedure of Ayurvedic system of medicine. It is not only used in disease of skin or hair but also used in psychic and psychosomatic conditions.


a month ago
One of the best ayurvedic doctor in Nashik with wide knowledge and experience in diagnosis & treating any kind of chronic disease. I really recommend Dr.Yogesh Chavan for ayurvedic treatment, especially for hair fall treatment. Please try atleast once his treatment to know how effective Ayurveda is.
- Santosh R
2 months ago
Best ayurvedic doctor in nashik. Satisfied with treatment.
- Kiran T
4 months ago
I am suffering from Ibs (grahani) & took treatment from almost all famous Gastroenterologist but all in vain. My Friend suggested me to take treatment from Dr.Yogesh Chavan; he analysed my symptoms & started medicines. Now I am really recovering & getting nice results. I will surely recommend my friends & relatives to take treatment from Dr.Yogesh. really nice person & best Ayurvedic Doctor .Thanks a lot..
- Jitedra L

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik

Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda & Keraliya Panchakarma Clinic is the one of the best Ayurvedic clinic in Nashik & famous for panchkarma treatment in nashik.     
Kerala's long and illustrious tradition in ayurveda has been acclaimed worldwide for its authenticity. 
Dr.Yogesh Chavan is experienced & one of the best MD ayurveda doctors in nashik.
We treat all types of chronic diseases with the help of Ayurveda & Keraliya panchakarma. Ayushman bhava is a unique Kerala ayurvedic retreat where one can experience the best of ancient Indian traditions – Ayurveda, Yoga.
One can experience,rejuvenate,heal, and transform his/her body and mind with Ayurveda (the science of Life) and Yoga (Harmony of Body-mind-soul).We offer personalized ayurvedic treatment, and methods to relieve the stress of modern hectic life. To know more visit our clinic or call us.

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